APP was founded in 1993 as an Porsche workshop that was specialized in engine overhauling, tuning and maintenance of Porsche’s.
In 1998 we started racing in the Ferrari-Porsche Challenge with a 993 Supercup Porsche. One year later we had won 8 races with the 993 GT2 EVO with David Hart as the driver. In 2000 and 2001 we competed in Spanish GT.  That same year we were also building the 996 GT2 twinturbo race car. Since then we have worked on several Porsche projects, but also lots of work in the FIA GT3 with the Corvette Z06-R.

In the past we did some projects with turbo street and racing engines. For the future we are focused on high performance atmospheric street and racing Porsche engines.

This is our RS program which is focused for high performance atmospheric Porsche street and racing 3.8L and 4.0L engines:

Racing: Stock: APP kit Camshaft-kit Exhaust-kit
Porsche 996 Cup: 3.6L – 400hp 3.8L – 450 hp or 4.0L – 490 hp 510hp 520hp
Porsche 997 Cup: 3.6L – 426hp 3.8L – 450 hp or 4.0L – 505 hp 520hp 535hp
Porsche 997 Cup 3.8L – 450hp 4.0l – 510hp 520hp 535hp
Porsche 996 GT3: 3.6L – 381hp 3.8L -425 hp or 4.0L – 450hp
Porsche 997 GT3 I: 3.6L – 415hp 3.8L -450.hp or 4.0L – 485hp
Porsche 997 GT3 II: 3.8L – 435hp 3.8L -460 hp or 4.0L – 495hp .

Our specialities are:

  • Porsche engine’s overhauling, tuning and building
  • Porsche gearbox overhauling
  • Engine mapping and testing on our Superflow dyno
  • Track support of your Porsche racecar
  • Porsche racecar service interval check